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Haruno Sakura
28 March
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In Character Information
Name: Sakura Haruno
Age: 19
Birthday: March 28th
Position: College Student and Volunteer Nurse

Having a head of pink hair is probably one of the most distinguishable features on Sakura. But two bright, emerald green eyes would probably be a close second. It's probably the reason why she gets so much attention no matter where she goes, and why she's actually considered dying her hair a normal color more than enough times. Sakura is polite and friendly, but once you get to know her she's got a fiery temper and a spirited heart. She'd never betray those close to her and fights for what she believes in. While being a naturally happy person and preferring to smile than frown, she won't take smart mouthing from anyone, and will get in your face if you try and take advantage of her or piss her off.

Friendships are incredibly important to her, and she'd do anything for the people she cares about, becoming fiercely protective when something is wrong. But friendships are sometimes hard to maintain when our rosette has dedicated her life to school. She loves challenging herself in her education, and thrives on taking difficult courses to test her smarts. Being incredibly intelligent has its perks, as she's constantly a favorite of teachers and receives straight A report cards every semester. She's aiming to get her PhD in medicine and knows she's going to be in school for a long time. Everyone knows with college there comes parties, but she prefers to avoid that scene, thinking being involved in such frivolous conduct is pointless and interferes with school. Plus, the hangovers aren't very fun.

Yet, even with all the good there is bad. Sakura is bipolar, impatient, and violent when upset. Her mood swings are extreme and there is hardly, if any, gray area in her emotions. She's stressed most of the time from being a full-time student and working at the hospital from time to time, so finding her in a bad mood could possibly end up in a broken bone if it's bad enough. When talking about a subject she's passionate about, she's stubborn and won't back down from her perspective unless you give her a legitimate reason for her to that she deems believable. She's sarcastic, but has a sensitive heart and isn't afraid to cry, or at least cry by herself. She chooses to put up a strong front in front of the public, and would much rather show anger than sadness.

She's a hopeless romantic, and constantly dreams about a moment when her knight in shining armor sweeps her off her feet.


While living a normal enough life, Sakura's years growing up were a bit of a nightmare. She hardly ever saw her father and her time at school was being constantly picked on and made fun of. The father figure of the Haruno house was a busy person and Sakura had to learn at a young age how to get used to not seeing him. The only time she got to see her father was if she was up late enough at night, but even then sometimes he just didn't come home. She has no other family that she knows of and is an only child so her whole life was spent alone or with her mother.

Days in elementary school were probably the worst time of her life. Her early years in school, children would bully her for her large forehead, calling her names like 'Billboard Brow'. To try and hide this feature from the others she used her bangs, but the bullies just used this as a sign that she was sensitive about it, doubling their efforts to make fun of her. All the teasing had made her into a shy and timid girl, and she would only speak when she was spoken to in a quiet voice.

Bullying finally started to dwindle down as Sakura and the other children got older, and she had started to develop a personality of her own. Like all girls, Sakura's first interest was boys once she got over the whole 'cooties' bit. And she seemed to fall victim to the ones who were dark, mysterious, cool, and smart. Sakura grew out of her fear of her forehead around middle school, and started to become a lot more social and voice her opinions a lot more in class.

High school was the best time of her life. Sakura had friends, she was one of the most attractive girls in her class, and she was smart. Unbearably so. Graduating her class with honors and scholarships to make her mother proud. Her father was still rarely seen, but she was used to it by now. She went on to one of the most prestigious schools in her city, and as we know, is studying to become a doctor, aiming to get her PhD in medicine.

Anything Else?:

She's still extremely sensitive about her forehead, and any form of teasing or poking fun at her pisses her off and makes her violent. If you wish to keep your bones, or body intact, please refrain from making fun of her.

Sweets are an incredible soft spot, her favorite being chocolate, and she doesn't like anything spicy.